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About the Jack Taylor Group

The Jack Taylor Group was established in 2012 by Jack Taylor to streamline business operations for its highly performing brands including:

  •  JT Sports Tours – Sports Tours and Travel
  •  JT Sports – Sports Apparel and Merchandising
  •  JT’s Cloud – Cloud Computing Solutions

Based in Canberra, ACT the company’s core mission is to be a world leader in business leadership, while being renowned for our support of the community.

Jack Taylor Group Brand Snapshot

  Established in 2012, JT Sports Tours specialise in the preparation, delivery & review of world class national and international sports tours.

JT Sports Tours aim to provide the right advice that is specific to your objectives guiding you through the entire process. With JT Sports Tours your ideas, concerns, needs, desires and budget requirements are taken into account when planning your sports travel experience.
JT Sports is a leading sports apparel and equipment provider in Australia, striving to provide Australian’s with the highest quality sporting apparel and equipment with a second-to-none purchasing experience.

JT Sports offers a wide range of products from men’s and women’s sportswear, activewear, leisurewear, teamwear, fitness apparel, accessories and much more.
JT’s Cloud aims to integrate cloud services to be able to save your business time and money by providing access to a wide range of services with one point of contact for all their setup, support, and training requirements.

JT’s Cloud provides services for Finance Management, Job Management, Inventory Management, VoIP, Productivity, Registration Systems, Marketing and Customer Support.

About Jack Taylor


Young and inspired entrepreneur Jack Taylor is the Managing Director of the Jack Taylor Group and is responsible for the strategic and operational leadership of the Group. Born in January 1992 and motivated by his late Grandfather Ralph Taylor, at the age of 14, Jack pursued his passion for entrepreneurship establishing his first business in 2006, JACKS DEE JAYS, a mobile DJ Agency providing entertainment services for various events.

After much success in the industry and realising the large potential in events, JACKS DEE JAYS was re-branded to JT Events, a full scale event management agency.

Completing year 12 at St Francis Xavier College, Jack continued to grow JT Events to a new level whilst also taking an appointment as the role Manager of Basketball ACT Competitions and Events. During his time working in sporting and competition management, Jack found a new passion for sporting events not only locally but also nationally and across the world, going on to establish JT Sports Tours in April 2012.


Not fully satisfied, Jack identified a key gap in the talent management industry, launching his third business JTG Management in July 2013.

Shortly following the launch of JTG Management, Jack registered the company Jack Taylor Group Pty Ltd to streamline all business operations.

Later in 2014, Jack established King Kreative, an online brand for high quality graphic design services to assist new and small business’ access to affordable graphic design.

Continuing growth in 2014, the Jack Taylor Group entered the market for creating custom sportswear for sporting communities in Australia, establishing JT Sports, a highly performing and successful brand to date.

In 2015 the Jack Taylor Group downsized its operations and accepted the sale of JT Events, King Kreative and JTG Management.  

JT’s Cloud was then founded in 2015 by Jack to help empower small businesses through high level support and implementation of cloud computing technology.

Jack’s current focus is on the sustainable and successful growth of his highly performing brands; JT Sports Tours, JT Sports and JT’s Cloud.

Looking to the future, Jack hopes to continue industry leading, quality service to his valued customers, always welcoming opportunities to invest in the next generation of business leaders in Australia.

Timeline of Brand Establishment

Over the many years, Jack has established many successful brands. An overview of brands by establishment date is represented below: